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Hottest Super-Villains: Why You Would Date a Super Bad Boy

Hottest Super-Villains: Why You Would Date a Super Bad Boy

There is just something about a bad boy that is too hard to resist for some. Nothing can encapsulate this more than famous bad boys in film, which in many cases just so happen to be insane super villains. While their work lives may not be the most attractive in the world, all it can take is having smouldering good looks, an in-shape body or an accent of some description to get you weak at the knees.

Dating a super villain (see our Super Hero list here) would be the ultimate bad boy, and while it may seem like a terrible idea for some, there is an undeniable lure to dating a super bad boy.

That begs the question just who are the top 5 Hottest Super Villains?

5. Scarecrow - Batman Begins

Put it this way, the fact Scarecrow has to wear a mask to help create images of fear into his victims speaks volumes about the handsome gent portrayed in Christopher Nolan`s first Bat flick. Compared to future batman villains, Scarecrow isn`t even the most dangerous villain that Batman comes across but we think that makes him that bit more appealing.

He may have his issues, but there is just something hot about a bad boy in a suit and glasses. It showcases he is more about the brains than the brawn, and intellect is definitely a redeeming quality in our books. Let`s just ignore what he uses his intelligence for mind you. Still look at those eyes!

4. Ozymandias - Watchmen

Speaking of intelligence, being the smartest man in the world isn`t a bad trait to have for a super villain; geeky, dangerous and hot! It isn`t even a name he has coined for himself, and if his plans and schemes in Watchmen are anything to go by it is well earned. Plus he`s a villain that works from the shadows, so you may not even notice is less than redeeming qualities.

On the outside though, he is one handsome dude. With flowing blonde locks, unrivalled intellect and even a German accent, Ozymandias has all the makings of a great boyfriend. Although his skewered views on what is best for the world could be a tad off putting, but having a super villain lair wins him back points. He

3. Magneto - X-Men Days of Future Past

While Ian Mckellan`s portrayal of Magneto is one of the finest of all super villains, it required a more youthful Magneto played by Michael Fassbender to really see the hotness on display. With chiselled good looks and a stern, brooding demeanour, there is just something alluring about one of the world`s strongest and most evil Mutants.

2. Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is definitely a bad boy of the highest proportions, as he attempts to take over an entire city with some pretty decent results. Also let`s just talk about his imposing frame, which is one of the most ripped bodies ever seen on a super villain. Let`s face it, he`s and ambitious type too and incredibly loyal which are not the worst features to find in a man.

Granted the mask may be off putting for some, but it does provide a distinct voice, which helps to highlight that fantastic accent he has. Don`t get on his bad side of course, as this muscle freak can get a tad violent from time to time, but he`s a dab hand on a motorcycle!

1. Loki - The Avengers

The constant tricks may get old pretty fast, but it`s hard to deny there won`t be the odd moment of excitement when dating Thor`s unruly younger step brother. Asgard with definitely be worth a visit, even if Loki is attempting a hostile take it over, but the view will be breath taking.

Speaking of breath taking, Loki`s handsome looks, suaveness and brimming confidence aren`t the worst features to have. He may be prone to outbursts of rage, but we all carry some baggage.

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