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When to draw up a prenup | how birth

When to draw up a prenup | how birth

When to draw up a prenup

Check out this excerpt from "Love for Grown-Ups: The Garter Brides` Guide to Marrying for Life When You`ve Already Got a {pb}Life" in which the authors, Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Ryan Laml and Tish Rabe, draw up six grown-up reasons for writing a prenup. To protect your hard-earned assets   Poll: Would you sign a prenup? Would you sign a prenup?   "I`ve always been a very independent working woman. When I got married, he wanted a prenup, and I realized I needed one, too. I didn`t have children, but I wanted to help my niece and nephew with their college tuition if I could." To protect a business  "Colin hated asking me to sign a prenup, but because he owned his own business and had been devastated financially when his previous marriage ended, I understood why it was so important to him." The same protection, of course, could be applied to a female business owner. We know a woman whose business was supporting her and her husband. When they divorced, he got the house and she paid him alimony for three years so she could keep all her business profits and retirement income.

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