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What to say when: You’re in a rut | gay video

What to say when: You’re in a rut | gay video

What to say when: You’re in a rut

Even those relationship-obsessed couples who attend regular therapy sessions and take lavish weekend getaways so{pb}metimes find themselves in a rut. Truth is, life can get monotonous from time to time. As much as we`d love to point our finger at the other person, it really isn`t anybody`s fault. Read on for advice on what to do when you`re in a relationship rut. What to say when you`re in a rut Please, please tell us when you feel that the relationship is in a rut. We`re not mind-readers. When there`s no drama and everything seems to be rolling as it should, men admittedly have an annoying tendency to get fat, dumb and happy. What may feel like a rut to you could be peaceful serenity to us. That said, we`d much rather know now that something is wrong, rather than let the unhappiness brew and come spilling out the next time we leave the toilet seat up.  Check out these reasons why you might be in a relationship rut. What to do when you`re in a rut To counteract the rut, offer solutions and be open to ideas. A little give and take is a great way to break the ice. Don`t come to us with an ultimatum; this shouldn`t feel like a hostage negotiation. We can discuss it and figure out what is needed to add excitement back into the relationship -- whether it be something simple like a candlelight TV dinner, or something more drastic. Mixing things up by reinventing date night or adding a new sexual position can help you break out of a relationship rut. What to avoid when you`re in a rut Don`t try to fix a rut without letting us know what`s up. If you suddenly disrupt our daily routine, you may ignite a fight and end up ma

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