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What to say when: You’re feeling ignored | how to be a sexy

What to say when: You’re feeling ignored | how to be a sexy

What to say when: You’re feeling ignored

Relationships aren`t always easy. And unfortunately, men don`t always communicate their feelings that wel{pb}l. For those times when you feel like he`s shutting you out, follow these tips to find out if your relationship is on the rocks or if something else is on his mind. What to say when you’re feeling ignored   Poll: What`s your biggest pet peeve about men? What`s your biggest pet peeve about men?   The first thing to remember is that sometimes his behavior isn`t a reflection of you or your relationship. If he`s been ignoring you for a couple days, he could be upset about something at work, mad that the Yankees lost or any number of things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. If you don`t have any idea what`s wrong, don`t accuse him of neglecting you. Instead, ask him if he has something on his mind or if something is bothering him. You might get your answer right away. However, if he doesn`t open up and still seems to be ignoring you, approach him with actions -- not words -- to get to the bottom of it. What to do when you’re feeling ignored Give him some space. If you have been spending plenty of time together lately, he might just need a little break. That doesn`t mean he is unhappy or that he`s cheating on you. Even when you are in a serious relationship, you should still spend time independently doing the things you enjoy. The first thing you should do if you think he`s ignoring you is go out and do something on your own. A little time apart could do both of you some good. It will also show him

Lying Online

I`ve found that a select few singles lie about their height, weight, age, marital status (or other demographic information) online, but that in general most people are honest regarding who they are. Now, that isn`t saying that people use photos on their online dating profiles that are truthful (or at the very least, recent), and a recent OkCupid study found that the hotter the online dating photo, the more likely it was an older picture. ">...Read Full Post

Low Infidelity, Shock Statistics, and the Forgiveness Factor

Just as sex sells, infidelity sells. However, Dr. Bradford Wilcox says, "Despite the marital misbehavior of a few politicians and athletes, infidelity is becoming less popular, not more popular, in America." Primary Topic:  Relationships read more

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