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The Best StarWars Character Boyfriend?

The Best StarWars Character Boyfriend?

Which Star Wars Character Would Make the Best Boyfriend?

The Star Wars universe is packed with memorable characters, planets and all round crazy looking alien creatures. Many of these characters have went on to become film and pop culture icons, which says a great amount about how many people simply love the creations that come to life during the Star Wars films.

Darth Vader is perhaps one of the most lauded villains of all time, with so many famous lines that have gone down in cinematic history. Han Solo is a man no one should really like in a real life situation, but the charisma and humour that makes him too irresistible despite is short comings in employment and money management. Boba Fett just looks like a badass - but what goes on under that famed helmet?

These characters have become timeless. Many discussions and arguments have taken place surrounded these characters and what they would be like in a real life situation. Would Chewbacca smell like a dog? Are there no advanced plastic surgeons to be found in a space faring civilization where the Emperor could get some decent work done? Did Luke and Leia even talk about that kiss after discovering they were twins?

While we can enjoy the fun of speculating answers to endless questions, one does stick out in particular - which Star Wars character would make the best boyfriend?

The answer is simple. Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Now while this may seem like a left field choice considering the suaveness of the likes of Han Solo or Lando Calrissian lets remind everyone that these guys have their fair share of flaws. As mentioned, Han Solo has some pretty serious debt issues, which shows a lack of responsibilities, especially when he cannot even hold down a job long enough to pay it off. You wouldn`t want to go out for dinner and have to pick up the bill yourself would you?

As for Lando, he has a similar track record as Han, yes he has certain charm that will leave most, putty in his hands, but let`s not forget he`s a bit of a back stabber. Granted he and Han had their previous, and we challenge anyone to say no to Darth bloody Vader. Still, we can`t help but notice that he lacks a certain code of morals, much like most scoundrels of this Galaxy. Sure he regrets his choices and tries to make amends, but the damage done was pretty apparent - not exactly boyfriend material!

Obi Wan Kenobi is the ultimate gentlemen. He dedicated his life to look out for his former best made and students kid in Luke Skywalker - despite the fact his dad tried to kill him! This shows he`s a man of honor, and is likely to show you the upmost respect.

Now some may prefer a man who takes charge and control, much like a Han Solo type. Obi Wan is a badass in his own right. We see in his younger days he`s dab hand with a lightsaber, controlled armies as a general in a galactic war, and took out many a monstrous alien creature vying for blood. You know you`ll be safe anytime you and Obi wan head out into the town - the man can handle himself.

Also, he has plenty of charm on his own. That refined British accent is as decadent as the booming bass of Darth Vader and very easy on the ears. He could regale you with plenty of exciting tales of adventure and heroism - he`s pretty much a gallant knight (Jedi Knight - it`s in the name!) accept in space. Who doesn`t want a knight in shining armor as their other half?

Finally, let`s talk about that beard. Obi-Wan Kenobi`s beard game is as strong as his prowess as a Jedi. Even as he ages, it`s a fearsome silver fox beard that shows no signs of dwindling in manliness. If you are not a fan of beards, he is that much of a gent that he would shave it off in a moment`s notice for you. He is obviously the best boyfriend material in that massive universe!

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