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Plenty of Geeks Home /She Doesn`t Want To Have Sex With Me Anymore | lesbian search

She Doesn`t Want To Have Sex With Me Anymore | lesbian search

She Doesn`t Want To Have Sex With Me Anymore | lesbian search

She Doesn`t Want To Have Sex With Me Anymore

Julian asks: "I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now, and since the beginning we have{pb} been having sex. All of a sudden though, she tells me that she does not want to "disrespect" her body and that she does not want us having sex anymore. I feel like she should not have made such a big decision that affects both of us without even talking to me about it beforehand. I love her very much and to me the sex was a way of showing that love. It seems to me that if a relationship was sexually active, and that factor is suddenly taken away, the relationship can`t be expected to be the same. Any advice?" I agree that your relationship with your girlfriend cannot be the same as it was before, as what sounds like a big part of the way the two of you share your affection was through sexual intercourse has now been removed from the equation. However, I think that having sex or not having sex isn`t the question. Yes, it would have been much easier and kinder if your girlfriend to have talked to you about what was going through her mind before she made a decision. When you enter into a relationship with someone, part of that process is agreeing that any major decisions that affect the both of you are discussed, first. Someone gets offered their dream job 400 miles away, an ex invites you to their wedding, or who to spend the holidays with are all conversations better had, together, before a decision has been made. Sex however is a tricky one, because for many people it is very difficult to talk to their partner about their needs and wants. Using the word "disrespect" tells me that your girlfriend has been struggling with this for some time and needs you to understand her dilemma. It wasn`t easy for her I`m

Should She Get Her Ex Back?

Confusted asks: "My boyfriend and I split up over five months ago. He cheated on me and then left after three years. Its been really hard on me and I miss him more then anything. Lately he`s been calling my friends trying to get back into my life. I don`t know what to do at this point. I can`t trust him but I feel like I can`t be without him. What should I do?"...Read Full Post

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