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How to Date a Geek Online Safely

How to Date a Geek Online Safely

What better place to find your charming and geeky prince than on the internet? However, you have heard so many warnings about dating someone online. It all sounds tempting, but how to stay safe? Do not worry! We`ve got you covered: just follow these safe tips for love and it will be much easier to find your perfect one online:

Trust your gut instinct!

This is the number one rule of thumb when dating online. Trusting your gut is crucial for your safety. When something seems fishy, it most probably is. So, stay away from odd smells. However, take into consideration that you are looking to date a geek. Don`t judge him by the regular standards. If he seems more of an introvert, this is because he is what he is: a geek. It does not mean that he`s hiding something. Just see if things add up in his stories. When miss matching appears, the smell of fish odor should follow your actions.

Check him out!

Without being paranoid about it, you should always check people`s backgrounds when looking for love online. There are sites specializing in that if you want to take the next step, but you can also do it yourself. Just google his name and see what comes up. A modern geek should have an online presence. If your check results in some fishy stuff, confront him about it, don`t just go with the paranoia. It can be he has a perfectly good explanation about each of the aspects that look suspicious. Be on your toes, though: too many suspicious things are not a good sign.

Don`t reveal your address and phone number too early!

You don`t have to play the mysterious card, but there is no point in telling him where you live and give him your phone number before you are sure you really want to do that. You might think that it`s all innocent, but this can result in some awkward situations. Better wait until you gained some trust in the guy!

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