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Geek At the Gym How to Work Out Your Arms

Geek At the Gym How to Work Out Your Arms

Nerd and geek culture has never been more popular. Video game sales continue to break records and expectations, Hollywood have been tamed and dominated by a raft of comic books finest (and sometimes worse) super heroes - all in all, it`s a great time for geeky guys and gals. One place that is never the most popular places for geeks and nerds is, of course, the gym. We would rather spend our time levelling up than working out, but there is a change in the air, more people are seeing the benefits of having biceps like Bane`s or traps like Cap`s and just improving your overall fitness.

It may seem daunting, even impossible for people who have never really made an effort to get in shape to suddenly find the motivation to get up off the couch, but it really is doable. All you need is the right mind set, as well as finding something that really appeals to you. Here are a few ways to geek your geek on at the gym:

Find Something Fun

Let`s face it, the reason most of us avoid exercise is because we simply don`t enjoy it. Running on a treadmill for what feels like and eternity without an end in sight is never going to get you up of your butt and into to fighting shape. The bottom line is never do something you don`t find fun at the gym. Everyone is different, so try a bit of everything, and see what you naturally enjoyed of found easy and roll with it.

There are fun fitness activities out there, honestly! It could be something unconventional from your traditional workout in the gym. Take a look at some fitness classes that are being help in your gym, it could be something calm like yoga, or something a little high octane such as martial arts class. Find something that brings a smile to your face as you work out and in no time at all your body will be all the better for it!

Know What Your Goals Are

Why do you want to work out? Maybe you fancy a killer body, or it could be that you are just worried about your weight, perhaps you are just sick and tired of spending so much time sitting around and want to challenge your geeky self. Knowing why you are doing something will make it that much easier to achieve. If you want to lose weight, you know what you need to focus on. Aim for more cardio and implement dieting to get into your desired shape. For those who want to add some muscles, do some research about working out certain muscles and then hit the weights.

Plan it Around Your Life

There are so many distractions that have made people avoid going to gym in the first place, and they can easily rear their head as again for those days you just can`t be bothered. Taking a day off from your schedule is all good; just remember to chase the goals you set for yourself in the beginning. Keeping a focus on your task at hand is like getting that elusive achievement in the game you have been endlessly playing or finally beating your friend at a game they are much better than you at - you gotta stick to it!

To do this, realise that you will get things in your life that dictate your attempts to get fitter. Friends, family, jobs, pets, movie marathons - just be sure to prioritise things so you are getting the best out everything. You don`t need to spend hours in the gym every day, as long as you are still making an effort to go there, even if only once a week, you are heading in the right direction.

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