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Emmy`s cutest celebrity couples   | when you like

Emmy`s cutest celebrity couples | when you like

Emmy`s cutest celebrity couples

Most of the time, celebrity couples try their hardest to escape the glare of the camera. But on the red carpet, {pb}not even the coyest of duos can hide from the paparazzi. Here, we show you the most adorable celebrity couples we spotted at Sunday’s Emmys. amy poehler and will arnett The couple that laughs together stays together. Before causing quite a stir with her fellow female nominees during the Emmy broadcast, funny gal Poehler entertained on the red carpet with her funny guy Arnett.    John krasinski and emily blunt We can always count on these adorable newlyweds to shine on the red carpet. Blunt and Krasinski looked well coordinated and presented a united front to support his comedy The Office, which was up for the outstanding comedy series Emmy.

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