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TOP  10 Things Girls Need To Know When Dating a Programmer

TOP 10 Things Girls Need To Know When Dating a Programmer

What`s the image that pops up into your mind when the idea of dating a programmer is brought up? That computer geek hiding behind a computer screen? Don`t worry, you are not the only one living with the stereotype! However, you should know that dating a programmer is not all that bad, provided you know how to read the script. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. He lives in a binary system, where things are black or white. There are no 50 shades of gray here. If he doesn`t know how to tell you that he loves you in hundreds of different ways, just get used to it! It does not mean he loves you less!
  2. He gets even the most complicated strings of code, but don`t expect him to get you! A programmer understand everything with a clear mathematical logic. Women don`t have that!
  3. For him real problems have a solution. There is no such thing as an impossible situation. And, if you bothered to expose the problem, he feels bound to look for the solution.
  4. Even if he is so pensive that he seems transported to a different planet, he`s not thinking about another woman. Not even about that gorgeous blonde who has just sat down at the table next to you! Can you imagine he did not notice her? Why? He`s wired up in some code checking in his mind!
  5. He`s a geek! He feels more comfortable chatting with you on Whatsapp than face to face; he explains himself better by email; he even thinks it`s more romantic to send an e-greeting that to buy you a bouquet of roses!
  6. His mind works differently that all the other guys you`ve dated before. It`s not that he does not like sexy lingerie, but you may have caught him at a bad time. He might be just struggling with that line of code.
  7. If you are too daring, be careful: you might intimidate him.
  8. His mother is important. So is his computer. Same level! Stop nagging about either of them!
  9. Don`t try to change him! As much as he loves you, he cannot change who he is.
  10. After all, he`s a good guy. He might not notice that pile of dirty dishes hanging around the kitchen sink, but he will wash them if you ask him to. He is not aware that the color of his shirt is not matching the trousers he`s wearing, but he will put on what you tell him to... as long as it`s comfortable.

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