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Dating Your Best Friend`s Girl Reader Question | vitamin i

Dating Your Best Friend`s Girl Reader Question | vitamin i

Dating Your Best Friend`s Girl Reader Question

A gent who asked me to refer to him as "stricken" has written in asking for some advice about how h{pb}e can turn a platonic relationship with his best friend`s friends with benefits into a dating relationship for himself. Or in other words, he`s looking to ask out the woman who his best friend has been intimate with for the past year. Stricken says: "My best friend for many years has a friend with benefits he has been seeing for a little under a year now. He met her through a mutual friend and they drunkenly hooked up one night and continued the trend to this day. From the day I met this girl I have been crazy about her. Seeing her has been few and far between but when I do it makes my weak. She`s gorgeous, funny, amazing personality, basically the whole package. Today me, this girl, my friend and another mutual friend spent the day together and me and this girl and I really hit it off. She completely ignored my friend and spend the entire day flirting and joking with me. When we split off she called me and we spent about 3 hours talking on the phone. I`m completely convinced she feels the same way about me that I feel about her. Now my best friend was recently talking to me about seeing if he could actually date this girl or not and my advice on it. I am a loyal friend and don`t want to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship but I als can`t get this girl out of my head. Do I just forget about her because there is no way of making this transition? The only thing I can think of that would make this work is if I can get him to date someone else soon and then I could move in on this girl. Any other ideas? So readers, what advice do you have for Stricken?

What Makes a Woman Sexy?

I read an article a few years back in Women`s Health (Buy Direct) that talked about the male viewpoint of what makes a woman sexy. In a nutshell? It`s all about the moments where women don`t go out of their way to be sexy but rather when they just... are. Driving barefoot, doing yoga and accidentally showing some skin while leaning over were all mentioned. Interestingly, the men that took part in the survey also said forcing sexiness was a turn off. Therefore high heels are beautiful and appreciated, but not if you`re obviously uncomfortable wearing them. Too much makeup, jewelry or skin showing were also mentioned as being not so sexy. But what about you? What do you think makes a woman sexy? Why? Reference: "SEXY BY ACCIDENT." Women`s Health (08847355) 6, no. 5 (June 2009): 76-76.

The Voice of Patience

Post written by Leo Babauta. There are moments when other people just set you off, and you lose your patience. It is the downfall of many of us — coworkers, children, spouses, other drivers, irritating people on the subway — they can grate, they can anger. And it can ruin your day. You clench your [...]

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