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Dating Disasters | websites for lesbians

Dating Disasters | websites for lesbians

Dating Disasters

We`ve all had them: you spent the whole night flinging your arms about telling your date tales of yonder, just to find out after {pb}you got home that your antiperspirant stopped working after five minutes into the evening. Your date went to the bathroom and never came back. You plan a special evening with your sweetie at a romantic jazz club, but when you get there your ex is there. And he`s proposing. To the gal he cheated on you with. My most mortifying dating disaster occurred while in line for drinks at a Grey Cup game. I got to the till with my date, who proceeded to order - but the gent behind the till only had eyes for me. Or, better, had eyes for my chest. Before I knew what he was doing, he yanked on a metal wire that was poking out between two buttons on my shirt - my bra`s underwire. "What`s this?!" he hooted at me. I quickly grabbed the C-shaped wire and twirled it around my fingers like it was an odd-shaped necklace. "Thanks! I was looking for that," I said. My date laughed uproariously, and we proceeded to have a lovely evening. Phew. Not every dating disaster has to end with misfortune, and not every dating problem has to be stressful. Some readers and celebrities (including a headliner on The Bachelor) shared their stories in my Dating Disasters article, showing that you can deal with a sticky situation with class and humor. Have a bad dating story of your own to share? Feel free to tell us all the gory details: Share Your Bad Date Story

Should It Be Me or Them First?

Anyone who knows me understands I'm usually the first to want to lend a hand in helping. Internally, I find that satisfying and it fits with my mental actions (or personality profile). What's Your Type Of Behaviour? Are you the type who thinks of others first or initially yourself?     Continue Reading »

Online Dating Tips

Dating online has a lot of drawbacks; you canít see the person youíre dating (unless you have a webcam), you canít touch the person youíre dating, and you canít go anywhere with the person youíre dating. So why date online? Our answer to Matthew, a reader from Missoula, MT, may shed some light. Matthew from [...]

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