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Communication: How to get him to open up | woman dating site

Communication: How to get him to open up | woman dating site

Communication: How to get him to open up

Although it is unlikely that we’ll ever join you in your love of The Notebook, sometimes it is okay to be{pb} in touch with your sensitive side, and you just have to keep reminding us that. Here are some top tips on how to dig beneath the beer, cologne and testosterone and convince us to open up to you. How guys communicate   Poll: What`s your biggest pet peeve about men? What`s your biggest pet peeve about men?   It`s not that guys don`t want to communicate, it`s just that they do it differently. Being a man of few words doesn`t mean he`s not into you, it`s just a guy thing. Here are two simple equations to understand men better: Men + communication =  less is more. Women + communication = tell us everything all of the time.  Men say what they mean and mean what they say Ladies, men really do want to communicate with you, and they may actually enjoy it most of the time. Getting men to open up really doesn`t take much. You just need to let men do it on their own time, in their own way. Here are some examples: Woman: Honey, how was your day?Man: Good.Woman: Tell me about it.  Right there is the fundamental difference between men and women. When guys say "good," it`s cause they mean good. That`s it! They`re not keeping secrets and there`s no secret password you need to know to get men to say more. Men are pretty simple that way. Now, when

I Don`t Want To Lose Him, But He Says He Needs Space

Toto asks: "I have been dating this guy for 5 weeks now. The first two weeks were great but by the 3rd week I began to notice that there was a distance building between us. He was calling less often and we were spending less time together. Last week I asked him if there was a problem and he said that he felt that the dating was moving quickly towards a relationship/ commitment when he was not really ready for one. He said that he was experiencing financial difficulty at the moment and he didn`t want to get into anything serious unless he was sure his career was headed in the right direction. I really want this to work because I feel a connection with him and I think that this can be really special. But he is making it more and more difficult for me to get through to him, and I don`t want to lose him. What should I do?"...Read Full Post

How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide

Post written by Leo Babauta. Reading a good book is one of my favorite things in the world. A novel is a time machine, a worm-hole to different dimensions, a special magic that puts you into the minds and bodies of fascinating people, a transporter that lets you travel the world, a dizzying exploration of [...]

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