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Plenty of Geeks Home /Blake Lively’s hottest offscreen leading men | that help

Blake Lively’s hottest offscreen leading men | that help

Blake Lively’s hottest offscreen leading men | that help

Blake Lively’s hottest offscreen leading men

On Gossip Girl, Blake Lively plays the fun, flirty Serena van der Woodsen, and she’s rarely found wit{pb}hout a hot piece on man candy on her arm. While the real-life fashion plate’s love life is a bit less Upper East Side scandalous, it’s still gossip-worthy in its own right, and romance rumors abound. To get you excited for the season 5 premiere of Gossip Girl , we’ve compiled a list of Lively’s real-life juicy breakups and makeups. Get ready for some gossip, ladies!   Penn badgley  They tried to hide it, but like every coy celeb couple, Lively and Badgley couldn’t hide from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. The Gossip Girl costars took their onscreen relationship off the set and and dated for three years before calling it quits in 2010. ryan gosling After being spotted at Disneyland together and canoodling at the premiere party of Gosling’s movie Blue Valentine in 2010, romance rumors about Lively and Gosling exploded. While nothing big ever came of their clear chemistry , it seems like the two sure did have fun while it lasted. leonardo dicaprio After telling CosmoGIRL! about her childhood crush on Dicaprio in 2007, Lively’s teenage dream came true when she started dating the swoon-worthy star in 2011. The two almost partnered up onscreen for the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby but when Lively lost out on the role, they kept in touch and romance rumors began. The duo has since been sp

How Your Greatest Insecurities Reveal Your Deepest Gifts

In my decades of practice as a psychotherapist, this is the insight that has inspired me most: Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts. I`ve found that the very qualities we`re most ashamed of, the ones we keep trying to reshape or hide, are in fact the key to finding real love. I call them core gifts. Primary Topic:  Relationships read more

Protect Yourself: Doing Good Never Felt Better

  Living GYT is all about respecting yourself and your community by protecting yourself.  Check out MTV’s Act blog highlighting Sir Richards Condoms that is doing just that– donating one condom for every one condom bought to help provide protection … Continue reading →

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