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6 Top traits in the perfect woman | free gay

6 Top traits in the perfect woman | free gay

6 Top traits in the perfect woman

Girls are guilty of having their lists of what traits make the perfect man, but we have our own list of what mak{pb}es the perfect woman. In my opinion, here are six traits that make up the perfect woman. She`s sexy not slutty There`s a huge misconception that guys think the perfect woman needs to dress slutty. Guys like sexy women, and there`s a huge difference between showing some skin and wearing a micro miniskirt to dinner with your boss. The perfect woman knows how to pull off being sexy perfectly with style and confidence. She dresses with the right mix of sassiness without giving away the goods. The perfect woman can flirt with her eyes and not just with her body. She`s cool  Some of the biggest fights couples have are over watching sports, too much that is. The perfect woman understands that men need to watch sports because it`s in our DNA. The perfect woman knows this and is cool with the fact that we don`t want to go lamp shopping on a Sunday afternoon in the fall. We`d much rather be parked on the couch watching football. She`s smart & funny Guys like when a woman laughs at their jokes, but we also like when they add to the comedy. The perfect woman should be able to keep

Men more promiscuous in `friending`

What`s the best way for a hacker to attack Facebook users?  A new survey shows an old-fashioned method works pretty well. One out of every five male social network users admits they`ll accept any friend request that comes from a woman — even if that woman is a complete stranger.

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In the upcoming romantic comedy What’s Your Number?, funny girl Anna Faris plays Ally, who is told by her girlfriends that…

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