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5 Celebrity dream girls  | lesbian search

5 Celebrity dream girls | lesbian search

5 Celebrity dream girls

Every guy on earth has his own "Hump Island," meaning if he ever became stranded on an island, he`d know which five women{pb} he`d like to be there with him. We all think that these five women{pb} are somehow all going to get along and sex you up constantly, but that`s beside the point. Here are my top five celebrity dream girls and why we love them. Mila Kunis If you say her name dramatically it sounds like a horrible disease, but I assure you this pint-sized pixie is a top pick. Mila Kunis has played roles in romantic comedies that are reality-driven. Just go see Friends With Benefits where she`s awesome, confident, sexy and someone you`d like to spend an afternoon with braiding her hair and telling her stories. Wait, what? And that`s why she`s my number one pick for a celebrity dream girl. Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com Emma Stone The word stunning doesn`t

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