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4 Signs your guy is emotionally unavailable | lesbians sites

4 Signs your guy is emotionally unavailable | lesbians sites

4 Signs your guy is emotionally unavailable

If you`re dating someone you like but can`t seem to move the relationship forward, the problem could b{pb}e that you`re with a guy who`s emotionally unavailable. To help give you a better idea of what that means, we`ve created a list of signs that could indicate your man is not available emotionally, which can make it all but impossible to create a solid, lasting bond. Read on to find out more. He won`t talk about his feelings Not all guys like to talk about their feelings. In fact, a lot of them need a lot of prodding to open up. But if your guy flat out refuses to let you in, or worse, shuts down whenever you want to find out what`s going on inside his head, you`re going to have a tough time moving your relationship forward. Putting up walls to avoid sharing anything about how he feels is a surefire sign he`s emotionally unavailable. You can only spend so much time and energy guessing what’s wrong with him or tiptoeing around him because he`s in a bad mood and won`t tell you why. Sooner or later he`s going to have to open up or hit the road. You don`t know his history Along with a refusal to let you in on how he`s feeling, if he`s also holding back who he is, where he comes from and what he has done, he`s likely got a problem making emotional connections with those around him. He may give you snippets about his past, but if he never truly gives you an idea about who he is, how are you ever going to get to know him? Some people are slow to reveal their true selves or take their time painting a picture of their past

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